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In this section we detail a range of spares and consumables as well as some additional equipment that you may not have considered but that could add value to your service and thus enable you to charge more. Some items in this section are essential and we would recommend that every operator invest, what is a relatively small amount of money, to ensure they are prepared for most eventualities. Please Contact Us for more information and prices
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Commercial wet/dry Vacuum

FL/WV1800 - Commercial wet/dry Vacuum

Cleaning up at the end of the night is something everyone dreads but with one of these commercial wet vacuums it makes it a breeze! Must be used in conjunction with the defoam product (SCP/DF25) as, with all vacuums, the foam/water mix will just foam-up in the hose and vacuum itself causing it to stop. A massive 70 litre capacity coupled with a 2-stage bypass motor make light work of removing water residue from any dance floor or carpet. Investing in one of these gives you another service to offer the client (at extra cost of course!) and also leaves the club owner with a lot less mess and therefore much happier - which is good for repeat business!
Commercial wet/dry Vacuum

FL/WVA1800 - Commercial wet/dry Vacuum with auto pump

Whilst, from the outside, this vacuum looks identical to the WV1800 it has one major difference - an automatic pump! By running a hose from the vacuum to the drain or outside you are able to continually vacuum up the water residue with no need to stop to empty the 70 litre tank. The internal pump has a float switch which automatically detects when the tank is full and pumps it down the hose and out to the drain meaning you can keep going until the job is done. This function saves a lot of time and makes clean-up even quicker!