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As well as providing a range of replacement fans for most models of foam machine (prices on application) we also offer two professional fan units which are ideal for blowing snow further and higher and for distributing foam quickly throughout a venue. All fans are 230V 50Hz and single phase so use is easy. Please Contact Us for more information and prices
HL/SF250 Radial fan

HL/SF250 Radial touring fan

A radial fan with a characteristic high velocity output. It’s 1035Watt motor is powerful for its size and the unique design makes this unit both small and robust. Complete with variable speed control and carry handles. It should be noted that this fan is not IP rated and so should not be allowed to get wet or be submersed in the foam. This unit is also ideal, when hand held, to blow the foam out the fire exit at the end of the night!
HL/SF150 Axial Fan

HL/SF150 Axial touring Fan

A giant axial fan which comes on its own wheeled dolly for easy manoeuvrability. Complete with finger guards, variable speed control and tilt action with lock-off facility. This fan is ideal for big jobs where volume of air rather than velocity is required.