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Times have moved on and long gone are the days of using detergents originally developed for the carpet processing industries to create foam. We now have purpose designed concentrates that create higher volumes of foam that are both drier and safer. We offer a range of products depending on budget and the type of effect you wish to create, for example; a heavy, wet, foam that pours and moves like lava or a light fluffy foam that floats and billows around the venue. Foams with fragrance or colour or that glow under UV.
BST Foam Fluid

BST Foam Fluid

Designed by Back Stage Technologies for universal use in snow and foam machines and supplied in 60, 25 and 4x5 litre containers. This fluid produces a relatively wet foam with a good “hang time”. With virtually no smell, this product is ideal for any of our foam fragrances. Concentrate: mix 2% with water

£550.00 (60 ltr)
£250.00 (25 ltr)
£240.00 (4 x 5 ltr)
Snow Fluid

BST Snow Fluid Concentrate or Ready to use (RTU)

Designed by Back Stage Technologies this snow concentrate is fast becoming the market leader. Supplied ready to use (RTU) in 4 x 5 litres containers or as a concentrate (5 litre drum) that makes up to 200 litres it's ready to create an instant winter wonderland.

(5 ltr makes 200 ltrs)
£24.00 (4 x 5 ltr)