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Package 2 - Medium size Club Installation Package

The perfect package for the medium to large size club that want to install and forget! The foam generator comes with 3 flying points and so can be easily flown from gantries and suspension points. Additional hose is also included so the installation can be undertaken neatly and the hose cut to the length required. The whole pack consists of:

  • 1 MBN/F300 Foam generator
  • 1 Pump module
  • 1 2m hose (from tank to pump)
  • 1 30m hose (from pump to foam machine)
  • 1 MBN/FF25 Foam fluid concentrate (25 litres)
  • 2 OTK/220 220 litre mixing tank
  • 1 EP/FV32 non-return foot valve
  • 1 EP/FVS32 strainer for foot valve

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