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We supply a range of pumps and associated accessories, for replacement of old or damaged units, upgrading or to simply make the whole process of setting up and running a successful foam party that little bit easier. Bigger pumps are available, some ex-stock, we also hold replacement MBN pumps, self-priming pumps, high pressure pumps and transfer pumps. Please Contact Us for more information and prices.
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EP/JET40 pump


This pump is self-priming (so no need to spend hours pouring water into hoses to try and prime the thing!) and comes with carry handle, moulded 13amp plug and on/off switch on the motor. The EP/JET40 boasts a high quality stainless steel body and shaft as well as being continually rated. A maximum suction lift of 7m coupled with a discharge of between 20 and 35 litres per minute (with your foam machine 10m above the pump) makes this ideal for small to medium sized foam machines (note photo indicative of model)
EP/JET90 pump


Also self-priming the EP/JET90 gives a much bigger flow rate than the EP/JET40 and is suitable to run bigger foam machines or multiple smaller machines. Supplied with carry handle, moulded 13amp plug and on/off switch on the motor. The maximum suction lift remains at 7m although the discharge to the foam machine (assuming this is mounted 10m above the pump) is increased to between 25 and 55 litres per minute. (note photo indicative)