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Health and safety issues have never been in such prominence as they are today, especially in an environment where the general public are present and particularly in the foam party business where there are numerous slip, trip, environmental and personal hazards. Our range of safety equipment will help you to minimise or eliminate most of these hazards. Please Contact Us for more information and prices
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Disposable Latex Gloves

CTD/SE08L - Disposable Latex Gloves

An essential piece of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for the operators of foam equipment as getting the concentrated foam fluid on hands can remove the natural oils in the skin and cause dryness, cracking and irritation. Supplied in packs of 100.
Riggers Gloves

CTD/SE05 - Riggers Gloves

A standard riggers glove which is ideal to protect hands when installing or de-rigging equipment and at these prices they are almost a disposable piece of safety equipment! Supplied in packs of 20 (10 pairs)
Disposable Ear Plugs

CTD/SE04 - Disposable Ear Plugs

For health and safety reasons as well as for personal comfort, these disposable ear plugs are ideal especially if you are in the noisy environment of a nightclub on a regular basis. In fact it is a legal requirement for you to make ear protection available to your staff if they are exposed to such noise levels for any prolonged length of time. Supplied in packs of 100 pairs