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Originally designed for the TV and movie business but now widely available in the entertainment and theatre markets, Snow Machines create a realistic falling snow effect by blowing 1000’s of small pieces of foam high into the air. These foam particles can also be fragranced to give a pleasant “Christmas” aroma of mulled wine, cinnamon or pine needles. Please Contact Us for more information and prices
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HL/SB80368 Snow Machine

HL/SB80368 Snow Breeze Machine

The Snow Breeze is the smallest and cheapest foam machine we sell. Ideal for private parties or for amateur dramatics or anywhere really that requires a small amount of simulated snow. With an on-board fluid tank and a low consumption of just 80ml/min this machine will run for 12 minutes before needing to be refilled. Supplied with remote control and hanging bracket.
HL/SS80363 Snow Machine

HL/SS80363 Snow Storm Machine

The Snow Storm has a large on board tank (5 litre) and will blow the snow 8 to 10m. It is supplied with a hanging bracket and remote control with output volume control as well as on/off. Ideal for stage, theatre or discotheque use